Venus, Moon and Jupiter conjunction photos

March 27, 2012

by yaska77

Following on from our last post which featured a couple of conjunction images from the middle of March, we’ve been out snapping again to capture the conjunction with the new crescent Moon!

Shot with a Canon Eos 550D and a 50mm lens at f/2.8 ISO100 on a 3 sec exposure - Venus, Jupiter and the Moon on 24th March 2012 (click to enlarge) Credit: Sky-Watching/A.Welbourn

The photograph above was taken on Saturday 24th March. Venus shines at the top of the image above Jupiter with three of its moons visible.

The crescent Moon glows faintly with earthshine, where light reflected from the Earth helps show features usually lost in the shadow.

This time a 4 second exposure, f/3.5 ISO100 - More of the Moon is lit by the Sun as it shines next to Venus (Jupiter is below the cloud) from 26th March 2012 (click to enlarge) Credit: Sky-Watching/A.Welbourn

The image above was taken two days after the first photo on Monday 26th March, and you can see how much more of the waxing crescent Moon is lit.  Some of Jupiter’s moons are also visible again (at full size).

This evening the Moon sits between the Hyades and Pleiades clusters (see our Monthly Guide for details) and if it stays clear we’ll be out there again trying to get more shots.

Who could ever get bored of imaging the night sky?!

Clear skies all 🙂



  1. Beautiful photos! We’ve enjoyed seeing this too – the moon was such a beautiful yellow on 26th, so difficult to capture in an image.

  2. Thanks Jo! 🙂 Luckily *most* evenings have been clear enough recently for at least a few snaps early on. It’s difficult juggling the exposure time to catch enough of the subject (and a few stars to boot) without over-exposing the Moon. Fun though!

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